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Art Installation Signup Form

Are you an artist? The Official 420 Rally will be allowing a select handful of art installations to be a part of history! Submit your design idea below. Please provide the following:  

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Safety & Public Information

The Oficial 420 Rally is a rain or shine event. We will make every effort to create a safe environment in the park, including public and private security and medical staff throughout the rally. If you need any assistance, seek out the medical tent, or look for a peace officer or rally staff member. The following items are NOT ALLOWED* at The Official 420 Rally: Weapons of Any Kind, including Fireworks or Explosives of Any Kind Large Framed Backpacks (Hiking Backpacks, etc.) Glass Containers and Metal Aerosol Cans, including Sunscreen in Aerosol Cans. Outside Food or Drinks (including Alcohol), except Two Factory-Sealed Water Bottles (up to 1 Liter each) Skateboards, Scooters or Personal Motorized Vehicles Carts, Tents & Chairs of Any Kind Hard-Sided Coolers Pets (except Service Dogs) Professional Recording (Photo, Video, Audio) Equipment (NO Large Professional Detachable Zoom Lenses, Tripods or Other Commercial Equipment No Unauthorized/Unlicensed Vendors Allowed. No Unauthorized Solicitations, Handbills, Sampling, Give-Aways, etc.

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Bio: Born October 17, 1969 is a three-time Grammy Award-winning Haitian-American rapper, singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, and politician. Lead Fugees rapper and sometime guitarist Wyclef Jean was the first member of his group to embark on a solo career, and he proved even more ambitious and eclectic on his own. As the Fugees hung in limbo, Wyclef also became hip-hop's unofficial multicultural conscience; a seemingly omnipresent activist, he assembled or participated in numerous high-profile charity benefit shows for a variety of causes, including aid for his native Haiti. The utopian one-world sensibility that fueled Wyclef's political consciousness also informed his recordings, which fused hip-hop with as many different styles of music as he could get his hands on (though, given his Caribbean roots, reggae was a particular favorite). In addition to his niche as hip-hop's foremost global citizen, Clef was also a noted producer and remixer who worked with an impressive array of pop, R&B, and hip-hop talent, including Whitney Houston, Santana, and Destiny's Child, among many others. Website: http://www.wyclef.com Social Media: Soundcloud:

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Volunteer Signup Form

Are you a volunteer? The Official 420 Rally will be allowing a select handful of volunteers to be apart of history! Submit your contact information below. Please provide the following:  

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Why this is the most important 420 Rally yet

It’s now a worldwide phenomenon. While the origin of the term “420” is debatable, there is no doubt that what once started as an underground code for friends to share a few puffs has morphed into a movement, celebrating the marijuana culture as a whole and symbolizing how far the industry has come. The Denver “420 Rally” in Civic Center Park on April 19th and 20th promises again, to be the biggest rally in history, and arguably it’s most important. While Washington State has floundered in their attempts to create a robust regulatory infrastructure to govern the industry, Colorado has taken aggressive steps to ensure the marijuana industry realizes its potential in a credible, responsible manner. Colorado is the epicenter of the industry and all eyes will be on Denver on 4/20/14. Recognizing the need to make 420 movement more accessible to the public, 420 Events has agreed to produce this year’s rally, and has created a plan that not only celebrates how far the industry has come, but recognizes the challenges that still remain. “While this year’s rally is still a celebration of the marijuana culture and a protest against the federal prohibition against its use. Our goal is to create a positive environment for users to share stories, learn about the industry and create informed opinions on the remaining issues facing the industry”, said Miguel Lopez, original founder and emcee of the Denver 420 Rally. Attendees of 2014 “420 Rally” will be treated to an array of national music acts, speeches from leading authorities within the industry, a food market championing alternative marijuana products as well as a local artists pavilion. Unlike past years, this year’s event will feel less like doing something wrong while your [...]

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Bio: Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. (born November 15, 1988),better known by his stage name B.o.B, is an American hip hop recording artist, songwriter and record producer from Decatur, Georgia. In 2006, B.o.B was discovered by Brian Richardson, who then brought him to TJ Chapman, who then brought him to American record producer Jim Jonsin. After hearing his music, Jonsin subsequently signed B.o.B to his Rebel Rock Entertainment imprint. A couple of years later, Jonsin and B.o.B signed a joint venture deal with Atlantic and American rapper T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records. B.o.B quickly rose to fame after his commercial debut single "Nothin' on You", reached number one in both the United States and the United Kingdom. He would later release his third single "Airplanes", which also topped several music charts. B.o.B was named the ninth "Hottest MC in the Game of 2010" by MTV, on their annual list. B.o.B is currently working on the Grand Hustle compilation album and is set to release an EP which will only include rock music, as well as a collaborative album with his Grand Hustle label-boss T.I., all in the near future. Website: http://www.bobatl.com/ Social Media: Soundcloud:

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Sponsor & Vendor Signup Information

Interested in becoming a Sponsor or Vendor for The Denver 420 Rally? Get a spot today! We've got various options for you and your company or organization. Please fill out the following form to receive more information. We look forward to hearing from you.    For more information contact vendors@420rally.com or fill out the form:  

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Making the most of your 420 Rally experience

This year’s Denver 420 Rally on April 19 and 20 will have a much different vibe than in the past. The underground movement that began in the late 70’s has become a leading voice for change and promises to attract users and activists of all stripes and backgrounds. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your 420 Rally weekend: Radiate Positivity – Amendment 64 was the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Celebrate this collective achievement with a smile on your face and a buzz in your heart as we’re all together in our effort to educate the world about the benefits of our beloved plant. Share! – Passing to the left is certainly still encouraged, but we hope you share your stories, knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry. Your friends and neighbors at the festival will thank you. Respect Your City Park – Colorado is leading the way for the industry and your respect for city property will go a long way in alleviating the concerns of those doubting its legitimacy. Pick up after yourselves, be “officer friendly”, and leave no trace behind. Get Involved – Be sure to check the 420 Rally schedule so you can plan to listen to leading experts in the industry, talk to vendors about their products & services, and engage your neighbors about what you think the industry needs to do next! The more engaged we all are, the more we can influence how the industry evolves. Have Fun! – Above all, the 420 Rally is a celebration. With two full days of entertainment, product demos, and national speakers on tap, there’s no reason you can’t find the right vibe to have [...]

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The Expendables

Bio: The Expendables is an American reggae rock band from Santa Cruz, California. Their music is a diverse mix of styles,including reggae, ska, surf rock, and punk rock. Members include Geoff Weers (guitars and vocals), Adam Patterson (drums and vocals), Raul Bianchi (lead guitar) and Ryan DeMars (bass). The band was formed in 1997. In 2003 they had their own radio show, Locals Only, on radio station KMBY. In 2005, they contributed to a compilation album that was a fundraising effort for the USA junior surfing team. The 2005 film XXX Rated: A Year in the Life of a Santa Cruz Phenomenon follows the band during some of their touring. Website: http://www.theexpendables.net/ Social Media: Soundcloud:

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420 Facts: Did you know?

Try these conversation starters on for size at this year’s 420 Rally, or impress your friends with these fun facts: The prevailing theory around the origin of the term “420” is that a group of five high school students from San Rafael, Calif. - affectionately known as “The Waldos” – began using the term in 1971 as the chosen time to meet and consume marijuana. The first 420 Rally was founded by Ken Borman 29 years ago. He was murdered under mysterious circumstances in 2007 and his murder remains unsolved to this day. The Denver 420 Rally is the biggest in the world and is celebrating its 28th anniversary in 2014. Colorado collected more than $2 million in tax revenue in the first month that dispensaries began selling marijuana for recreational use. Contrary to the fears of some, crime is actually reducing at a faster rate in states that have a regulated marijuana industry. While medicinal marijuana is commonly known to offer some relief for chemo patients, there are many ailments that can be treated by marijuana-based products, from inflammation to insomnia. Early data indicates that marijuana usage patterns have remained flat and consistent with national trends since the passage of Amendment 64. Colorado has witnessed a 77% decrease in marijuana related court cases, saving the state millions in court expenses. What are your most important issues facing marijuana industry? Join the conversation now on our Facebook Page.

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